Things to Consider

It may only be 450 meters to gate B but we will be running a shuttle service from Windinglake to Gate C (300 meters from Gate B). I say Gate C because it's on the same level as the main stage, so you won't have any hills to walk up, thus conserving all your energy for Mark's bar at Windinglake. BUT and its a big but, if the weather is bad the festival will move us from gate to gate, always between Gate's B and C and this is a saftey thing and there is nothing we can do about it so please dont start giving the drivers grief! (we had a few nasty people last year) its not their fault, if it really upsets you that much I can always get you the address of the Festival office. The shuttle service will run from 10.00am until 4.00am - any later, I am afraid you will have to use "Shanks' Pony", then again, it's not that far.

Glastonbury Festival

Loos and Showers

Fantastic full pressure showers as last year (with 24 hour service) although I am getting a few more loos. Glastonbury in fragrant comfort, what could be better?

Opening Times

Please be aware that security will NOT open the gates until midday on Wednesday 22nd June 2016. If, due to lighter traffic than expected, you are a little early, please take this opportunity to pull over and have a coffee. The alternative is to drive around and around the block, with the rest of the festival traffic.

Closing Times

In the same breath, please be aware that our license terminates at noon on Monday 27th June 2016 so please forgive security in advance, if they politely drag your car through the gate and wave you on your way.


This will be provided 24/7. Please do be patient and be aware that you will always be scanned in and scanned out of the site.

Car parking

1 car per caravan or tent space and 2 cars per trailer can be parked next to your accommodation.


Every year without fail the powers that be advise us most strongly that BBQs and camp-fires are not permitted.

Tent Spot

Please be aware that a tent spot is exactly that – a space for you to pitch a tent. This next bit is key: you will have a space measuring approximately 14 ft x 14 ft. This is ample room to park a car and pitch a standard 2 man tent so PLEASE do not turn up with what you consider to be a 2 man tent that has a sitting room, en suite and garage attached.


We provide you with the accommodation and it is then up to you to bring your own bedding. The reason we do this is many people prefer their own duvets and pillows and in some cases send down staff, friends or family a few days in advance to set-up their accommodation just as they would like it. However, if you can’t be arsed to do any of the above, just order a basic bedding set from us.

Kettles and Crockery

If you have booked accommodation that has a power supply you will need to bring everything you feel you may want during your stay BUT kettles, at no extra charge, will be supplied by us if requested. Accommodation with a power supply will have a small fridge and microwave oven.

Bed Sizes

In the caravans, which are all primarily 2 berth, the sleeping arrangements can be either 2 single beds or these can be joined to make a small double bed.

Caravan Grades

  • Caravans, whichever grade you have chosen, come in all shapes and sizes. There is not a uniform design or type.
  • The grades are based around age: The A grades are less than a year old whilst the D grades are slightly older than my father. The B and C grades lie somewhere in between.
  • Whichever caravan you have been allocated there will always be enough room for 2 people to sleep comfortably.


Windinglake passes are not transferrable.

Wifi and mobile phones

  • Wifi is available in and around Mark’s Bar
  • Charging points for mobile phones are in Mark’s Bar

Hair driers

We will have once again a trailer with plugs and mirrors for hair driers and make-up.