Cars & Trains to and from Windinglake

  • Coming by taxi

    We can arrange taxis to and from Bristol, or from anywhere else for that matter. Simon's Taxis are the transport team you need and the number is 07580 677500.  You will need to pre book directly with Simon's Taxis so they can schedule it all in. Simon's Taxis will also advise on prices.

    Coming by train

    Trains run from London Paddington to our local station at Castle Cary. All we can say about this is that it's very busy. However, it works and we can arrange to meet you off the train and whisk you to Windinglake Farm. Cost per car is £60+VAT (4 to a car). Again contact Simon's Taxis to book.

    Coming by your own car

    If you choose to arrive by car, your caravan, tent, or motor home will have more than enough space for you to park next to it. None of that 'walking for miles carrying all your kit', you get when staying anywhere on the main site. We will also ensure that you are provided with the relevant vehicle passes and maps that get you here.