Caravans and accommodation


Now you are in the caravan and accommodation section. Before you read on please take note of the following: if you order a four berth please make sure your gang of 4 are close, because you quite literally sleep side by side and elbow each other all night. More importantly don't order a 4 berth and then turn up looking like the New Zealand All Blacks front row, because at that stage, the best I can do is offer a "shoe horn"!

All A to D grade caravans are supplied with a battery to power the light. None of the showers and loos in the A to D grade caravans will be usable. They simply provide an area for sleep. Loos and showers are provided a short distance from your caravans. Each caravan sleeps 2 people comfortably. For families with children we will endeavor to find a larger 3 or 4 berth caravan but please make your request early. These are priced from £750+VAT for a D grade to £2,350+VAT for an A+ Grade, per caravan for the duration of festival.

One main point to note: Don't start thinking that because there are only two people you can still order a 4 berth. 4 berths are always in short supply so if we take a booking for 2 people you will be given a 2 berth. Before you throw you hands up in horror and shout foul, the floor space in a 4 berth is very often the same as a 2 berth, which is why 2 berths and 4 berths are priced the same.

Please remember our Caravans are not hooked up to mains electricity, do not have a phone line, television or a mini bar. They are a place to put your head down in the dry, on a bed, with privacy, while avoiding having to pitch a tent.

Bringing your own tent, motor home or caravan

Don't turn up with anything too ugly as we won't let you put it up or park it. If you're bringing your own motor home, caravan or tent it is only a space we offer (no power or water will be provided). However, if you want to spend £1,750+VAT we will provide you with power, water and take all the nasties away.

Bedding sets

Bedding sets can be purchased to save you having to bring all this sort of stuff. They consist of one pillow, one pillowcase, one Sleeping bag, one travel rug and one towel. Price for this is £185+VAT per set.